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BADF 2006 Quincey Florida Deer Hunt
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 Posted: Wed Jul 26th, 2006 08:56 PM
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Announcing the 3rd Annual Paul Faircloth, Sr. Memorial Deer Hunt


December 15th-16th, 2006 -  Near Quincy, Florida

Some very generous landowners, sponsors and volunteers will be conducting a rifle deer hunt for disabled and ill hunters in memory of the late Paul Faircloth, Sr., near Quincy, Florida.  The hunt will begin at noon on Friday December 15th and end after the evening hunt on Saturday December 16th.  The hunt will be provided at no cost to the hunters. 
Hunting will be done on fields and cut lanes for bucks only on Friday, and bucks and does on Saturday.  Baiting is legal and will be used on some locations.  The land is flat and very accessible.  Guides will be provided for each hunter, as well as game care, and some meals will be prepared for you.  Ill and disabled hunters are encouraged to apply. 
Hunters in need can apply for a scholarship to pay for their lodging and license cost if drawn for the hunt.  At this time we plan to stay at the Holiday Inn Express near Quincey, FL.  Please state in your questionnaire why you need financial help.  Other hunters will be required to cover their own lodging and license costs. 
To apply for the hunt, please answer the questions below and email your replies to by August 15th, 2006.  We will announce the drawn hunters shortly thereafter.  PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS ABOUT ATTENDING.
1.  Full Name
2.  Complete Mailing Address plus email address
3.  All Phone Numbers
4.  Age
5.  Type and Extent of Disability or Illness?
6.  Number of Deer Taken Since Disabled/ill?
7.  If in wheelchair, manual or electric?
8.  What Kind of vehicle will you bring to the hunt?
9.  If selected, will you have to bring a non-hunting attendant with you?
10. How long have you been disabled/ill?
11. How often did you hunt last year?
12. Will you need financial help with lodging and possibly travel, explain?
13.  If needing financial assistance, please indicate in detail what you need and the estimated amounts.
14.  If applying for financial assistance, indicate your gross individual income for the tax year 2003 (must be under $25,000 for you individually).
To apply for the hunt, please answer the questions above and email your replies to by August 15th, 2006.  We will announce the drawn hunters shortly thereafter.

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