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Just an update
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 Posted: Mon Jul 25th, 2016 02:55 AM
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30 years ago I had a friend with a bad back. He went to a clinic somewhere in Chicago and had over 100 injections put in his back in one sitting. Doctor mapped them out with a ball point pen. Told my buddy that they could do this two ways. One, with anesthesia or, two, without. Said there were better results with out, as he could detect the location of the nerve endings better. My buddy elected for without, grabbed the edge of the table and held on tight. IIRC they injected some type of enzyme that deadened the nerve endings. It was an outpatient procedure. Sent him home on his belly in the back of a mini van. He was off work for a month but it really helped him in the long run. RD

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 Posted: Mon Jul 25th, 2016 03:37 AM
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They have a whole host of different type of injections, they do in the back. I've had many of them years ago, before my back surgeries.

The main thing is they don't hurt near as much as you've heard. It's not pleasant by any means, but more uncomfortable pressure, than painful.

The nausea when needle gets to nerve or penetrates epidural sheath, is the most memorial part of it. You shouldn't eat beforehand and often the preop instructions say not to, then you just have brief dry heave and it passes quickly.

They have anything from epidural spinal blocks, blocking nerves, Botox injections, to injecting "cement" into discs. Many are of great help and should be explored before surgery.

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