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high-meat (raw meat fermented)
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 Posted: Wed Dec 14th, 2016 03:55 PM
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I have eaten raw meat a few times but never aged.
There is a little bit of reading on the subject.
they say the bacteria is good for you. Cooked meat looses 89% of the B12 it has.
Eat meat raw and more B12 for you.

Anyone able to elaborate on this.

. I will say I only got food poisoning 1 time, I was young (7th or 8th grade) and ran away from home and was gone for 2 weeks mid way through I ate an under cooked alligator snapping turtle. Got salmonella ,, I should have stayed with crawdads and fish and frogs. I was just fine eating those.

 Here is some reading.

 Posted: Wed Dec 14th, 2016 08:39 PM
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While some of the claims on the website may be true there are a couple of things to consider.

Why is it that children raised in a home with dogs and cats develop far fewer allergies to dogs and cats? Why, when travelling outside the US, do people develop diarrhea from drinking local water while no locals have diarrhea?

Because out systems need exposure to bacterias, pollins, and viruses to develop the immune function needed to protect us from these agents.

Eating raw meat, under cooked eggs, raw shellfish, and drinking raw milk are an extreme risk to your health. At this point a dozen people on here will declare that they've eaten this stuff all of their life with no problems. ME too! I raised two healthy children on raw milk. But I would not do it again. I eat rare burgers and soft fried eggs too. But probably would not serve either to guests. I simply don't know what their immune factors are.

I do know that the majority of food borne illness in this country comes from raw foods contaminating cooked foods and people drinking raw milk.

There is nothing that we do in life that doesn't have some risk involved. You need to accurately assess the risk and decide if the gain is worth the risk. Like using that pound of powder in an unlabeled can that your uncle gave you because he no longer reloads.

Internally steaks, prime rib etc. are fairly safe as long as the outside has been seared. Ground raw meats, on the other hand, not so safe, as any bacteria picked up on the outside of the meat ends up mixed and in the center of the meat. The internal bacteria are protected from the high temps generated on the outside.

Just some food for thought. RD

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