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 Posted: Sun Feb 3rd, 2013 12:50 AM
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And here are the lyrics for yet another seafaring version.

These are the original lyrics, directly from John Conolly:

As I roved by the dockside one evening so rare,
To view the still waters and take the salt air –
I heard an old fisherman, singing this song -
“Oh, take me away, boys, me time is not long”

CHORUS: Dress me up in me oilskins and jumper –
No more on the docks I’ll be seen –
Just tell me old shipmates, I’m taking a trip, mates,
And I’ll see you some day, in Fiddlers’ Green …

Now, Fiddlers’ Green is a place, I’ve heard tell,
Where fishermen go if they don’t go to Hell –
Where the weather is fair, and the dolphins do play –
And the cold coast of Greenland is far, far away …

The sky’s always clear, and there’s never a gale –
And the fish jump on board with a flip of their tails –
You can lie at your leisure, there’s no work to do –
And the Skipper’s below, making tea for the crew …

And when you’re in dock, and the long trip is through –
There’s pubs and there’s clubs, and there’s lasses there too –
The girls are all pretty, the beer is all free –
And there’s bottles of rum, growing on every tree …

I don’t want a harp nor a halo, not me –
Just give me a breeze and a good rolling sea –
And I’ll play me old squeezebox as we sail along –
With the wind in the rigging, to sing me this song …

And as performed by The Folk Group "Schooner Fare" Circa 1992

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