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 Posted: Tue Jul 30th, 2013 01:41 AM
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ummm on behalf of all the staff and most likely most the users :wink: thanks !

not just any cretin makes the wall of shame ( just so you know ) in fact i believe we've had one or two who seemingly tried to get a place on there and i'm glad to state that they were disappointed , instead we just turned their names pink
aye , it's true we've few members of the female persuasion , on reloading boards in general this seems to hold true , the few we have also usually arent the umm windbags us fellows are ( how's that for a switch :P ) ie; they usually dont post alot [shrugz]
i have to agree that in my humble opinion this is one of the better such boards i've found on the web , it was that way when i wandered in and since i was drafted i hope that i manage to help keep it that way , glad you enjoy it miss kathryn !
and thankfully i rarely get to use a couple smileys/emoticons such as

(happy shootin'-the best way to get empty brass!)

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