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 Posted: Mon Nov 18th, 2013 06:52 PM
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Kathryn wrote: So far, I am liking y'all too. This is what a forum SHOULD be!


I am new to this forum and I agree. Just wish I could get my wife interested in actually "enjoying" shooting. I got her trained at Front Sight last year on a 4 day intensive handgun protection course, and she has a carry permit - though she doesn't carry. She goes to the range with me to practice - but will only shoot "her" gun (the XD9 sub compact that I bought her). I'd like to get her to try my .22's - pistol and rifle - but she isn't interested. Says she sees the need to know how to use the gun and the need for practice, but doesn't enjoy shooting!

Oh well - maybe with time. Our 10 and 11 year old grandsons like to shoot "grandma's gun" as well as my Ruger Mark II and 10/22 take-down. I have challenged them to try some of my bigger calibers - the younger tried a low brass 16 gauge shotgun, and the older recently shot my new Rossi M92 in 45 colt (one shot only). They like to plink and help me clean the guns at the range, but apparently don't like the recoil. Perhaps when they get a little older.

Nice to see women in the sport... :thumbs:

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