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 Posted: Tue Nov 19th, 2013 02:45 AM
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Spent some time in Wellington helping BNZ with a problem.  Weekend rolled around and the folks there took us for a trip to Wine country and then to a black sand beach where an observant NZ'er saw me slobbering over the fish in the surf and lent me a surf casting rod.  As I bent to cut some bait his Wife offered to help and the guy said Gorsh Woman can't ya see he's got the nack?  Can't make the accent appear, darn it.  Hysterical moment.  I cast out, retrieved in, caught biggest fish of the day.  Didn't know your not supposed to get too close to water, you sink in that sand but I extricated myself and my fish,  gutted it and added it to their substantial stash.  All to the cheers of my fellow Bankers.  Great time. 

Oh.  When I landed at Auckland (strange airport) I got separated from my group and missed my flight to Wellington.    So getting rebooked and stuff the lady says, yells actually, He's from MEMPHIS.  I was immediately swarmed by females asking about Elvis and treated like a King myself, turned a real problem into a great experience.  Nice folks down there, you represent them well.  

I still have a hard time with the possum fur, tho.  Perhaps you could elaborate?  I was told excessive wearing would make me want to hang upside down but since the salesman was not laughing, I was not completely sure he was joking. 

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