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 Posted: Tue Nov 19th, 2013 08:13 AM
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Heh... yes NZ is a friendly place, taken by and large.
You get used to the accent. I was born in the UK, and came here at 16 years old back in 1959, so have "gone native" somewhat.. :-)
As for getting my ratings back, that would entail my getting a handgun licence again, and that is beyond my means now. I am retired and have only a small state pension on which to live. I am trying to supplement it by making stuff for people, doing light engineering jobs and gun-smithing (I do a fair bit for a large local dealer). To facilitate the latter activity I am working on getting my "E" and "F" endorsements on my licence which allows me to be in possession of weapons that normally have to be registered to one individual, and are not registered to me. All handguns and military style rifles are in this category as well as full auto and other restricted firearms. The endorsement for pistols is the expensive one to keep as it involves a lot of shooting and I cannot afford that any more. The instructor certification is issued by the National pistol association and they won't, as far as I know, restore my instructor's and range officer's certification without my holding that "B" endorsement for pistols.
I am happy, of course, to help anyone that needs it, but without the certification I cannot officially qualify people to shoot handguns from the holster, or indeed train other instructors as I used to do. Bloody bureaucracy is annoying at times! I do help people with rifle shooting and shotgun skills from time to time, as that can all be done on a basic "A" class firearms licence. The NZ laws are not as bad as they could be (better than OZ!) but still a right royal pain in the butt, and of course do nothing to prevent the misuse of guns by those so inclined, just like laws in any other place.
Life is interesting though. A friend who has lots of motorcycles (he races classics) has offered to put a CBR600 in my custody to fool around with..... I think I will take him up on it. I had to sell my last bike (a mint Suzuli Katana) about 10 years ago (medical expenses that the state system doesn't cover) and I haven't been able to buy another one since then. Bikes are cool... nearly as good as guns...
At the moment I am saving up to buy the steel to make the safe that will enable me to get my "E" endorsement back, and to get that "F" as well. It always comes down to money in the end it seems... LOL.

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