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 Posted: Sun Mar 20th, 2016 08:11 PM
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WOW It's like this ...
It has been ruff calling as of late. Not sure why, maybe smarter dogs, maybe an over abundance of food.
It used to be we called in a coyote for average of 3 sets, then the last year it has been more like one for every 5 sets. NOW I'm lucky to see a coyote in a day of sets.
We went Saturday, A buddy and I. Many years ago we ran across an isolated pocket of Prairie dogs near the river in the cascade area. We never gave it a thought. Just out of the blue My buddy asked if I wanted to go and try to find it, sure. I thought I knew where it was, wrong. we went to where I was sure it was and discovered we where no where close. We did however get 4 coyote sets in along the way with nothing but a neighboring farm dog willing to play. My buddy insisted we where on the wrong side of the river. OK We crossed at Cascade and started looking north.

A half dozen dead end roads and of course coyote sets , and we found something that looked familiar .

It's a little over a mile walk in so I did not want to go trapesing out for nothing.

So I still grabbed the caller and an extra 50 bullets for the 6 and we went to LOOK.
Dang walking across plowed fields for a mile is harder then this old man remembers. But sure as heck there it was but it looked poor. Lots of grass and weeds a section sized PD town all right but it was dead...
[8(] [:s]
To salvage the walk we did a call. The only coyote we saw all day stood up and looked our way . Even At 800 yards he looked huge and snow white. I through every thing I had at him to get him to come in . No for an hour he milled around and finally just wandered off out of sight.
I'm guessing this OLD dog has Danced this dance before .
Crud no prairie dogs, no coyote, and a LONG hike back to the truck.
Maybe 10 good sets and NO coyotes.
We did not even get to shoot a Gopher. There are an abundance of them out in the Cascade area but not one we found in a spot we could shoot them...

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