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 Posted: Thu Dec 15th, 2016 07:36 PM
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I found some UHDW ( slippery white nylon plastic ) for the boat here in town at Windsor plywood. 4X8 sheet 1/2" thick perfect, $305 a sheet. That sounds nuts but it is a good price and no freight . I have found some on the net for around the same price but there is $300 freight , more if it is a residential address and a per cut price.

They will cut it for me and sell me a half sheet for $160 , cut it in to 6, 4" wide 8 foot strips for the bottom of the cats.

But I need to put the sheet metal on first, the plastic will hold on the steel.
I found a peace of 20 gauge 4X10 galvanized at steel etcetera here ,and they will cut it into 2, 2x10 pieces, for $78, I'm also getting some more Aluminum and make another brace between the cats half way up.
I'm wondering if I spray , "Under coating" like we used to put on cars and trucks, on the Aluminum cats first then cover it with the sheet and plastic, will it help stop the Aluminum to steel electrolysis ?
I'm mixing the heck out of the steel/aluminum stuff.
It will be the most contact area , I don't plan on ever running in salt water as in ocean but alkali is salt too.

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