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 Posted: Sat Mar 11th, 2017 12:47 AM
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HighBC wrote:
Paul Tummers wrote:
Yes, you should be able to remove them without changing the setting, just make sure, you always use the same shell-holder as you did have in your press when you adjusted your dies.

Paul, don't all standard shell holders have the same deck height dimension of .125"? I don't mix and match shell holders very often, but I have swapped Hornady, Lee and RCBS on occasion, never noticed a variation, but maybe I'm missing something here?


HBC, Actually they are close but not always identical. Especially when forming and reloading wildcat brass I always keep a designated shell holder with the set of dies. By dedicating a shellholder I can also use a set of feeler gauges to measure between the top of the shellholder and the bottom of the die. That aids me in setting the die properly if I use a different press. RD

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