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 Posted: Wed Mar 15th, 2017 03:09 AM
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Once I set a die and remove it from the press, I virtually never use a wrench on them ever again.

I just spin them in hand-tight, spin the m back out again. Sometimes I will have to pop it loose again if I can't by hand.

Now, once in a while to adjust a seating punch I will have to break the punch locknut loose, and I will have to wrench snug the die to hold it enough, but I never "really lean on" the locknut, even for that situation and I have never found my adjustments to change.
hundreds of die installations and removals.

Changing a press, oh yea, that'll force a complete new resetting. Major resettings done when my Lee Challenger was replaced by my Lyman Crusher II, on every single die.
In that case every single die had to be lowered in the press to reach the ram/shellholder correctly.

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