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 Posted: Sat Mar 18th, 2017 04:17 PM
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Good morning! I sure appreciate all the welcomes!
I started reloading in the early 80s after me and my wife at the time shot for our Garands through the DCM. They cost $165
dollars apiece then. Of course mine looked like a junk parts gun while the wife got one that looked afresh arsenal rebuild . It also being a Harvester make. I went through my Garand and fiberglass bedded it and put NM sights on it. We were in a local gun club and shot the monthly Hi power matches.
I noticed the Guard members were shooting outstanding scores with their Springfield M1As. I got to shoot one and fell in love. So I got one and the Garand stayed home.
Now I have a large military rifle collection plus my pistols and shotguns. I'm an old duck hunter and reload steel waterfowl loads and trap/skeet. It makes me sad that my boys will never see the cheap reloading prices I did.

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