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 Posted: Mon Mar 20th, 2017 06:38 PM
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I must join the crowd sometimes as much as I hate it.
I am building an AR 15 with an 80% lower made of  aluminum.

I got the upper for $359 (stainless barrel) 5.56 16" and all the parts needed to complete the gun except the 29 dollar lower.

I machined the lower out and today I am trying my hand at anodizing.

I learned the thin stainless wire i chose to use was too thin and melted in 2 and left marks on the lower..OH well.
I really just want to see if it will take color at all.
So I grabbed some 1/8" lead free silver solder off the wall in the garage and ran it through one of the trigger guard holes.
She is now cooking in the acid bath and the lower is getting frosty looking.. it may or may not work.

I will keep you guys posted on how it works out.. new learning experience for me.

Amperage is slowly dropping on the charger the longer it cooks so it might work.

Unless it is just my silver solder wire doing the cooking.


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