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 Posted: Thu Apr 20th, 2017 12:23 PM
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Rockydog wrote:
On the Recobs Target Shop site I see 5 new IMR shotgun/pistol powders listed. The names are simply Red, Green, Blue, Target, and Unequal.

Looking at this one would assume that they are competitor versions of the Alliant "Dot" powders and Unique. The Target powder has me scratching my head. Another version of Clays?

Anybody else looked at these yet? Just curious. I have not yet had an opportunity to look at these and "dot" data side by side. RD

Yep, they match, by burn rate and data the Alliant Dots, Unique, and Bullseye.

No guarantee the density is the same, but measured by weight, same-same for the same loadings.

I have not used.

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