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 Posted: Wed Aug 12th, 2009 02:46 PM
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I have less than 10 finds so far myself.  And yes I have found Treasure boxes which contained Geocoins, Travelbugs as well as small toys etc...

I picked one of these Travelbugs up from a cache at Lake of the Ozarks (About 95 miles to my North) the owner of the bug wished it to go from his home in North Carolinia to California. So I dropped it in a cache I found West of my location (about 30 miles) on I-44 which is part of Route-66.  This cache is frequented by Truckdrivers and Travelers so hopefully I helped get it on its way to its destination. 

I keep a few trinkets in a fanny pack to drop in and trade, I bought a bag of plastic Lizards and Frogs for this purpose. Some people even leave money for the kids to find and I have even recently seen tickets to the Local Zoo ear marked for the next child that finds them.  

There is always a log book to sign as well.

I have also logged in two FTF's (Failed to Find) as sometimes the hides are either in rough territory or just hard to find.

Its a fun activity that doesn't even necessarily require a GPS.  You can obtain the coordinates from the Free Geocaching website, plug them into Google Earth or even Google Maps to obtain the location...and then just drive there and look for it.

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