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 Posted: Tue Oct 25th, 2005 11:51 AM
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One of my favorites!!

I have been shooting a 300 Win Mag for a little over 20 years now.  Used it mostly for whitetails, but took it elk hunting as well.  I know alot of folks say its overkill for whitetails, and maybe it is, but with 150 gr Core Lokt, it is one awesome deer cartridge.  Doesnt do alot of damage to the meat, as long as you stay away from the shoulder or backbone.  Normally just knocks a hole through them, coming out about the size of a silver dollar or so.

Thing I like most about it as a deer cartridge is it really cuts down on tracking.  Most deer shot are DRT.  :cool:

Actually, its been on the shelf the last two seasons.  Since I built my 25-06AI, I have been using it.  I gotta say, although the 25 is a great deer gun as well, it doesnt do quite as well as the ole 300.  I got a buddy coming down to hunt with me this year and hes using my 25, so Im breaking her out again.

Cant wait.




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