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ENCORE RIFLE SYSTEM January's rifle of the month.
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 Posted: Mon Jan 8th, 2007 04:17 AM
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The Encore Rifle System is capable of delivering ''minute of angle'' accuracy right out of the box. It's available in stainless steel and composite stock models! The Encore Rifle is a full-size single shot rifle with a break open design for fast and easy loading and it boasts easily interchangeable barrels as well so you can customize your Encore rifle. With its classic Monte Carlo buttstock, this rifle mounts instantly with the scope aligned at eye level. At about 7lbs, the Encore rifle carries like a dream and it's chambered for some of the most potent and popular cartridges in the world today.


ACTION: Single shot, break open design (by pulling up and back on the trigger guard spur)
BARREL: Interchangeable by use of a removable barrel/frame hinge pin. Button rifled. Drilled and tapped for T/C scope mounts.
TRIGGER: Adjustable for over travel.
HAMMER: Wide grooves in hammer spur for positive grip.
STOCK AND FOREND: American Walnut or Composite. Monte Carlo Style Stock with pistol grip & rubber butt pad. Matching forend.
BARREL LENGTH: 24" Standard barrel, 26" Heavy barrel for selected calibers
Weight: 6 lbs. 12oz. (7 mm—08 with 24" barrel)
OVERALL LENGTH: 38-1/2" (with 24" barrel)
LENGTH OF PULL: 14-3/4" (walnut)—14" (composite)

.17 Remington    
.204 Ruger
.22 Jet
.22 PPC
.220 Swift
.221 Fireball    
.221 Remington    
.222 Rem Mag
.222 Remington    
.223 Rem    
.225 Win    
.25/.35 Win
.357 Mag    
6.8 Rem    
6mm PPC    
7.62 x 39 MM
7-30 Waters    
7mm TCU    
.250 Savage
.30/.30 Win                  
.243 Rem    
.25-.06 Remington    
.257 Roberts    
.270 Winchester
.280 Remington    
.284 Win    
.300 Savage    
.30-.06 Springfield
7-30 Waters    
.308 Winchester    
.35 Remington    
.35 Whelen
.356 Win    
.358 Winchester    
.375 H&H    
.375 JDJ
.375 Win    
.38-.55 Win    
.405 Win    
.444 Marlin
.445 Super Mag    
.454 Casull    
6mm Remington    
7mm Mauser
7mm-08 Remington    
.300 H&H            
.264 Win Mag    
.300 Win Mag    
.338 Win Mag    
.350 Rem Mag
.416 Remington    
.416 Rigby    
.45/.70 Gov’t    
.450 Marlin
7mm Rem Mag                  
12 Gauge
20 Gauge
209x50 muzzleloader rifle
209x45 muzzleloader rifle
209x12 gauge muzzleloader shotgun

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The Handloaders Bench > General > Archives > ENCORE RIFLE SYSTEM January's rifle of the month.

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