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Welcome to Our mission here is to provide a place for those interested in the hobby of Reloading Ammunition. We offer a series of forums where they can ask questions, share answers, and highlight successes & failures so that others can learn. If you join our site please be aware that front porch rules apply. If you wouldn't say it on your front porch with grandma, your pastor and your 12 year old niece present it doesn't belong here. The Golden Rule applies. If you can live within those guidelines, Welcome Aboard! Spammers, trolls, and flamers will not last long here, your time would be better spent looking for a board where those traits are acceptable. HB Administration

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 Posted: Thu Jun 30th, 2016 12:13 AM
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1st Post

Joined: Wed Nov 12th, 2008
Location: New Mexico USA
Posts: 5287
Photo: [Download]
Are you a handloader?: Yes
Favorite type of cartridge to load?: rifle
My favorite chambering is:: 308 Winchester ...

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--Samuel Adams, Speech in Philadelphia [August 1, 1776]

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--Albert Jay Nock, Selected Letters of Albert Jay Nock

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--Cpl. Jeff Sornig, USMC; in Navy Times, November 1994

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"The United States Marine Corps is a drug and I am a recovering addict."

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"And on the 8th day God created Marines and like fish, we came from the sea!"

 Posted: Thu Jun 30th, 2016 02:45 AM
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2nd Post

Joined: Fri May 30th, 2008
Location: Washington USA
Posts: 4862
Photo: [Download]
Are you a handloader?: Yes
Favorite type of cartridge to load?: I load everything!
My favorite chambering is:: 300winmag ...

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Good stuff DM, thanks for posting that :thumbs:



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